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For generations people from Tahiti have been using the fruit of the Noni tree (Morinda citrifolia) as a traditional remedy for a wide range of ailments. Western science has now been able to analyse why the noni fruit is considered such a super food. Noni is high in powerful antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals. People all over the world have now been using Tahitian noni juice as an easy and convenient way to stay healthy by boosting their immune system and aiding digestive health.

Noa Noa Tahiti’s organic noni farm is located in the pristine outer islands of Tahiti so that we can guarantee you get the purest, highest quality ingredients in all of our products.

Our Organic Noni Juice is the purest noni juice you can buy.  It is made from the whole noni fruit and not just the leaves to ensure you get the full effect of its health benefits.

Noa Noa Tahiti’s Noni Nitro has been specially formulated to bring you the strongest form of noni juice available. It is a 100% Tahitian noni juice concentrate. No additives, no added sugar, no added water, just pure noni juice.

We are also proud to now offer you our New Zealand Manuka Honey Lozenges.  These have been made with the highest quality NZ manuka Honey that has then been dried and made into a super convenient and super healthy lozenge.  Check out our product page for all the health benefits manuka honey has – just make sure to give yourself plenty of time, as it’s a lot.

It can often be hard to find true Tahitian noni juice so to make it easy for you we ship worldwide. . On the Noni Nitro and Manuka Lozenges worldwide shipping is included in the price so you can buy online with confidence that there are no hidden costs. For the organic Noni Juice the price includes shipping to NZ and Australia, for all other countries we will price up the shipping depending on the quantity and location. Shipping is included in the price so you can buy online with confidence that there are no hidden costs. So if you are ready to start enjoying better health order Noa Noa Tahiti Noni Nitro today.

We have been in business for over 25 years and proudly stand behind our products and would be happy to answer any questions you have. Please use our contact page for details on contacting us by email or phone.


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Noa Noa Tahiti’s Noni Nitro is the most powerful form of noni available today. Only the best natural ingredients have been used to guarantee the highest quality possible which means we can offer you the best noni product you can buy.