About Noa Noa Tahiti

Noa Noa Tahiti was established to meet the markets need for high quality, authentic Tahitian food and beverage products. We produce a range of products such as teas, coffee, chocolate, and of course noni juice. After being in business for over 25 years you can feel confident about buying from a well established company. Noa Noa Tahiti is the name you can trust for real Tahitian noni juice.

All of the noni fruit used to make our Noni Nitro comes from our own organic Noni Farm in the pristine outer islands of Tahiti. After harvesting, the fruit is immediately sent to our purpose built manufacturing facility in Tahiti where we can ensure that every batch is made according to our strict quality control standards.

In addition to producing Noa Noa Tahiti products we can also contract manufacture noni juice under your own private label. Contact us for more information.


1. Certified Organic

Noa Noa Tahiti adhears to the following exacting organic standards;

Organic CertificationLogoCertified ByMore Info
CORCanada Organic RegimeCanadian Food Inspection AgencyClick Here
JASJapanese Agricultural StandardsJapan Certification Services, Inc.Click Here
USDAUnited States Department of AgricultureUSDA-Organic-Logo-300x262United States Department of AgricultureClick Here
IFOAMInternational Foundation for Organic AgricultureIFOAMLOGOInternational Foundation for Organic AgricultureClick Here


2. All made in Tahiti

All of the noni juice used in our products is sourced directly from our own organic Noni Farm located in the outer isles of Tahiti. This means that our Noni Juice comes from a pristine island that is pollution free.


3. Higher Quality

Noa Noa Tahiti Noni Nitro is made from 100% pure noni juice concentrate. Since we grow and farm our own noni we have total control of the manufacturing process. We make sure that Noni Nitro is made using the whole Noni plant, with no water or other additives. This means its 20x stronger compared to other noni juice products being sold.


4. Best Value Noni Product

Through years of study and direct experience we have been able to refine our processes and take total control of all aspects of producing a quality health product. We are in charge of the growing, gathering, and bottling allowing us to offer the highest quality product on the market while maintaining low shipping costs and affordable prices. To date we have exported over one million litres of noni juice.


5.  Worldwide Customer Service

At Noa Noa Tahiti we have been in health food sector for a long time and this means we have shipped our products all over the world.  No matter where you are you can buy online and have our quality Tahitian noni juice delivered to you.


6. Whole Services / Contract Manufacturing

With our purpose built facilities we are able to offer a complete range of services. We can manage sourcing, formulation, lab testing, bulk ordering and private packaging for either liquid filled bottling or encapsulation. With more than 25 years of manufacturing experience we can ensure you a quality product.