Noa Noa Manuka Honey Lozenges

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Honey has long been used around the world as a traditional natural medicine by many cultures.   It has amazing healing properties that have seen it used as a one stop shop for treating almost every kind of ailment - from being applied directly to a wound to being taken orally to help fight off colds and flu.  The reason honey is so effective in its role as a natural healing agent is due to its inherent anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Honey is generally classified depending on the type of plant that the bees gather their nectar from.  No matter what plants the bees frequent, all honey has some anti-bacterial properties.  This is because while the bees are making the honey they produce a special chemical which converts to hydrogen peroxide, giving each honey an "activity level".  However, only honey gathered from the Manuka bush in New Zealand can say it has something extra special in it.

Some Manuka Honey has an additional chemical in it called MethylGlyoxal.  It is not fully understood why this chemical is present in some Manuka honey or how the bees produce it, but it is a very important distinction.  This very powerful chemical gives this special Manuka Honey a non-peroxideactivity (NPA) level which dramatically boosts honey's natural germ killing power.

The reason this is so special is that it is not guaranteed in every harvest of Manuka honey, in fact only around 20% of all the manuka honey harvested has this special NPA level of activity, making this a very sought after honey indeed.

So while all honey can say it has an activity level and has anti-bacterial properties - only some manuka honey can say it has an NPA activity level.  This is especially important as the compound which gives honey its peroxide activity level is not particularly stable; exposure to heat and light can change the activity level and therefore its ability to fight off germs.  However, manuka honey that has methylglyoxal in it is very stable; heat and light do not change the NPA level, and that makes this honey so potent in curing ailments.

It is generally accepted that for a manuka honey to be effective in fighting bacteria it needs a NPA level of 10+.  The higher the number, the stronger the non-peroxide level of the honey and the more potent it is.

Benefits of Manuka Honey Lozenges:

New Zealand NoaNoa is proud to be able to bring you our NPA certified Manuka Honey Lozenges.  We source the finest quality Manuka Honey from the pristine back country of New Zealand.  These lozenges provide all the health benefits of liquid Manuka Honey while packaging them in a very convenient blister pack.  It is the perfect option for taking to work, school or literally anywhere you go.  They have the traditional manuka taste - a strong distinct flavour with a medium golden colour.  Our Manuka Honey Lozenges can be used when you are feeling sick and run down to boost your immune system. They work great on sore throats and help fight off infections, and they are also a very good way to stay healthy by taking them every day even when you’re not sick.

Honey is safe to eat and has no known side effects*

*people with an allergy to bee products should avoid taking liquid honey or lozenges.  As honey is comprised of glucose people with diabetes should check with their GP first. 

• 90% Manuka Honey (NPA 15 Manuka& Independently Certified)
• 10% Maltodextrin

How to Use:
• Take up to 8 lozenges per day

• 8 x 5gram Lozenges